Dining: Eating Out in Salzburg

Salzburg is famous for being the region in Europe with the highest density of first-class restaurants per capita - this is tourism related and mostly due to the Salzburg Festival.

Find a great restaurant in SalzburgAustrian Soups: Dining in SalzburgSalzburger Nockerl, the local must-eat dish

Many high-end restaurants might be unsuitable for the average visitor, so we will try to present a selection of good food places from a range of backgrounds of which some will certainly meet your needs. Start with our overview article on "Dine & Wine Guide for Salzburg".

Cooking Austrian Food : Recipes

Salzburg is part of Austria for some 200 years now, and most of the regional food is a blend of Bavarian and Austrian traditions. Generally, Austrian cuisine is very diverse and colourful: the sweetness of Bohemia, the spices of Hungary, the seasoning of the Mediterranean.

There are many shades of taste in Austria, just as different as the landscapes of this country. In this section of our dining guide, you will find the best of Austria′s recipes with a strong focus on Salzburg food! Bon appetite - or, as Austrians say: Mahlzeit!

Austrian Starters: to begin with

Here you will find information on soups, snacks and the best starters from in-between the Alps and the Neusiedlersee! ::more

Main Courses: From Schnitzel to Spätzle

No trip to Austria is complete without Wiener Schnitzel, no tour through Salzburg without Kasnocken - here′s the recipes. ::more

Desserts: Austria′s sweetest side

Fine chocolates, Kaiserschmarrn and other delicious sweets in Austrian-Bohemian tradition to finish the job. ::more

Drinks: From Veltliner to Red Bull

Austria is famous for its coffee houses, beer halls and, as a recent addition, the energy drink Red Bull - here are the liquids you should keep in mind when you are going to Salzburg. ::more

Visit Salzburg - and see it like a local!