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At some point between the magnificent Mirabell gardens, the mighty Hohensalzburg Fortress and the picturesque spires that dominate the city′s skyline, you might feel overwhelmed by impressions.

Salzburg Castle or Hohensalzburg Fortress   St. Rupert, patron of Salzburg, by the cathedral   Baroque Glory: Salzburger Dom Cathedral

Where should one begin? What are the best places to spend the limited time most tourists have? This section of our website should help you to find out what the best sights are - no matter if you want to spend a day or a week in Salzburg.

Top Sights: 10 "Must See′s"

We have selected 10 sights of Salzburg that we consider essential for every respectable visit in our city. Find the links below or in the main article on top-sights.

1.) Salzburger Dom - the city′s cathedral

The Dom in all it′s Baroque glory was opened in 1628 and has proved to be Salzburg′s top attraction ever since. ::more

2.) St. Peter′s monastery & cemetery

This Benedictine monastery was founded in 696 and is considered to be the oldest north of the Alps. ::more

3.) Salzburg Castle - Festung Hohensalzburg

One of the biggest castles of Europe, Salzburg′s fortress provides its visitors with stunning views over the valley. ::more

4.) Getreidegasse - Salzburg′s busiest alley

The most fashionable shopping mile in the city is also its most expensive, a scenic medieval alley in which Mozart was born! ::more

5.) Mozart Square - the heart of Salzburg

This beautiful square covers some of the city′s Roman foundations, but since 1842 also hosts the Mozart memorial. ::more

6.) Mozart birthplace & living place

The house in which baby Mozart was born in 1756, and the one he used to live and work in later, host popular museums today. ::more

7.) Residenz Castle - the gem of the Prince Archbishops

The Residenz Castle of the Prince Archbishops of Salzburg was intended to show their power  - and still does this job well. ::more

8.) St. Sebastian church & cemetery

The church of St. Sebastian is an attraction by itself, for its cloisters and tranquil cemetery hosting the Mozart′s family tomb. ::more

9.) Hellbrunn Palace, park & trick fountains

Hellbrunn castle with its trick fountains was the Prince Archbishop′s private passion.  A lavish Baroque masterpiece. ::more

10.) Mirabell Palace & Gardens

You haven′t seen the Mozartstadt until you have strolled along the gardens of Mirabell Palace. Modern Salzburg′s city hall is still as attractive as it was when Fräulein Maria and the Trapp children danced between thousands of flowers around it. ::more on the castle or ::more on the gardens

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Salzburg Interactive: 10 "Must Do′s"

Eat a Mozartkugel, drink beer, sing "Sound of Music" songs - 10 things that you should do to make your visit a well-rounded event. ::more

By the way: We now got an article on 10 things NOT to do in Salzburg - tourist traps, ways to waste your time and bad value for money. In this article you will find out how independent information can look.

More Sights You Shouldn′t Miss

The list above contains only the most important highlights. Below, you will find other attractions of Salzburg that we consider worthwhile seeing. Note also our main article on sights you should not miss.

Dreifaltigkeitskirche - Trinity Church - Augustiner Bräustübl Mülln - Franziskaner Church - Kapuzinerberg & Capuchin Abbey - Kollegien Church - Salzburg Old Town (Altstadt) - Linzergasse Area - Salzburg Museum - Residenz Neugebäude & Glockenspiel - Festspielhäuser - Festival halls - Erhardkirche Church - Mönchsberg Fortifications - Kapuzinerberg Fortifications - St. Markus Kirche - Nonnberg nunnery - Zoo Hellbrunn - Mülln Parish Church - Alter Markt Square & its attractions - Kleßheim Castle - Kajetanerkirche (Cajetan Church) - Pferdeschwemmen Horse Wells - Johanniskirchlein Church at Imberg Mountain - Schloss Leopoldskron - Salzburg Palaces - Marionette Theatre - Salzburg River - Kapitelschwemme Fountain - Kapitelplatz Square - Residenzplatz Square - Tanzmeisterhaus - Hellbrunn Trick Fountains

When it Rains: Museums, Galleries & other Indoors

Salzburg Museum - Spielzeugmuseum (toy museum) - Stiegl′s Brauwelt (Stiegl brewery tour) - Volkskundemuseum (Museum of Ethnology and Folk Culture) - Dommuseum (cathedral museum) - Museum of Marionettes - Barockmuseum (Museum of Baroque culture) - Former Carolino Augusteum - Trakl Gedenkstätte (Trakl memorial museum) - Haus der Natur (natural history museum) - International Mozart Foundation - Residenzgalerie (Residenz gallery) - Museum der Moderne (museum of modern art) and Rupertinum - Museum of Historic Musical Instruments - Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac (commercial, no museum in strict sense) - Domgrabungsmuseum of Archaeological Excavations - Festungsmuseum (Fortress Museum)

Salzburg Sights for Specialists

The Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport. The Kajetanerkirche in the city centre. The Science Faculty or Nawi in Salzburg.

Here at the end of this page, you will find small, individualist attractions and sights. Note our main articles on "Hidden Treasures" of Salzburg as well as on "Modern Architecture" and "Off-the-beaten-Track" sights.

Easily Missed: Salzburg′s Hidden Treasures

Papageno Brunnen and Square - Michaelskirche - Schloss Freisaal Castle - St. Blasius Church - Doppler′s birthplace - Zweig Villa - Frohnburg Castle - Steingasse - Gstättentor and Salzburg′s oldest bakery - Crowned head of Salzburg′s Madonna - Schloss Anif Castle - Schloss Arenberg Castle - Loretokirche Church - Gates in the northern City Walls - Schloss Blumenstein Castle - Rudolfskai: Medieval Walls and Irish Pubs - Schloss Neuhaus Castle - Siegmundstor tunnel - Primogeniturpalast Palace - Edmundsburg - Schloss Elsenheim Castle - Chiemseehof - Robinighof - Pfarrkirche Gnigl - Haydn Museum - Panoramamuseum - Monatsschlössl - Schlosskirche Mirabell - Aigener Kirche - Goldgasse - Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse - Waagplatz - Opera House - Salzburg Dome - Christian Sightseeing - Walking ToursAlmkanal - Christuskirche - Andräkirche - Judengasse - Künstlerhaus - Rathaus - Felsenreitschule - Schloss Radaun (Doktorschlössl) - Franziskischlössl - Kapitelgasse & Kapitelhaus - Bärengässchen - Mozartsteg - Salzburg Foundation - Karajan Institut - Landesgericht - Bürgerspital St. Blasius - Alte Universität - Old Botanical Gardens - New Botanical Gardens - Anton-Neumayr-Platz - Hofapotheke - Hagenauerplatz - Joseph Mohr Birthplace - Kaigasse / Kaiviertel - Schloss Lasserhof - Makartplatz / Dreifaltigkeitsgasse - Makartsteg Bridge - Johannesschlössl (Pallottinerschlössl) - Petersbrunnhof / Schauspielhof - Platzl - Schloss Emsburg - Schloss Emslieb - Staatsbrücke - Schloss Aigen - Landeskrankenhaus Salzburg - Krankenhauskirche St. Johannes - Leprosenhaus - Steintheater Hellbrunn - Schloss Mönchstein - Universitätsplatz - Bergstraße - Kajetanerplatz - Nonntal - Mülln - Neustadt - Aiglhof - Bürgerwehr - Schloss Neudegg - Schloss Herrnau - Palais Rehlingen - Josefshof/KasererhofGroße Aula - Schloss Flederbach - Vogelsangschlössl - Borromäum - Fondachhof - Parscher Kirche - Riedenburg - Morzg - Weiherhof - Fischergut - Maria-Theresien-Schlössl - Morzger Pfarrkirche - Kayserburg - Marketenderschlössl - Richterhöhe - Rainberg - Stadtberge Hills of Salzburg - Bürglstein - Schloss Schönleiten - Langenhof - Ritzerhaus - Kapellhaus - Montforterhof - Schloss Fürberg - Sacellum - Florianibrunnen - Weingartenschlössl - Schloss Söllheim & Pfefferschiff - Griesgasse - Karolinenbrücke - Lehener Brücke

Recently Added: Modern Architecture in Salzburg

Heizkraftwerk Mitte - Central Caloric Powerplant

Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Science Faculty


Museum der Moderne - museum of modern art

ORF Landesstudio Salzburg (public broadcast building)

Europark Shopping Mall

South Tyrol Square, Station area & Hotel Europa

Salzburg Football Stadium

Convention Center

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