Salzburg, where the Hills are alive...

There′s a lot to know about Salzburg. The wealth of information available can sometimes be confusing. This section of our website should give you a brief summary of the most important things you might want to know about Salzburg.

Müllner Bräu, Salzburg′s biggest beer garden   View on the south of Salzburg: Nonntal   Kapitelschwemme Well near the Dom Cathedral

Here you will also find some honest "personal" advice on things visitors should take into consideration to make their stay as enjoyable as possible, such as on health or legal issues or warnings of tourist traps.

Getting an Overview

Salzburg means "salt castle", referring to its massive fortress and the white gold from the mountains in the South. It is the capital of a federal province of Austria with the same name. Its approximately 150,000 residents make it the fourth biggest Austrian city. Beyond that, it is Austria′s most beautiful spot - as we as residents will arguably claim.

The city′s magnificent Baroque town centre is rated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site and can easily be explored by foot. A classic music festival, the city′s most famous son Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the heart-warming musical "The Sound of Music" created the area′s fame and popularity with music enthusiasts all over the world. ::more Salzburg Facts

Travel Essentials of Salzburg

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Advanced Travel Practicialities

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Map of Salzburg

There are city maps available at the tourist information office and you will find plenty of map material for special purposes, such as hiking in the mountains. Here we provide you with a concise map of Salzburg that aims to give you a basic overview.

Salzburg Around the Year

The Kirche St. Erhard in winterThe surroundings of Salzburg in summerThe cemetery of St. Sebastian in autumn

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Special Topics

Articles that focus on a particular aspect of Salzburg - mostly such that are generally neglected by other websites or not too obvious ones - should help you to refine your idea of the "Mozartstadt".

"The Sound of Music" on

Learn more about the Hollywood movie that made the city  famous, the locations where it was taken, actual "Sound of Music House" or Villa Trapp, which might become a hotel - or read funny facts on our "Sound of Music Trivia Sheet". For your sing-along, see our "The Sound of Music Songlist". To recall the tunes, see our collection of most "Sound of Music" songs in movie clips.

Music & Culture

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Education & Intellectual Matters

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Winter Special

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Out-dated & Rather Useless Articles

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