Hostels in Salzburg & Other Cheap Accommodation

There are several hostels in Salzburg.

Salzburg is a big deal in terms of touristy attention - especially form mid-May until late August. With thousands of tourists flocking into the city every day, you should not be surprised to find that hotels in Salzburg are generally of high quality, but also rather expensive. This is a problem especially for young visitors of Salzburg: Since the city of Mozart is situated at the heart of Europe, it is a highly popular interrail and backpacking destination and attracts many students and other young people. This article should help those in need for cheap accommodation with practical advice.

Youth hostels in Austria are usually called "Jugendherbergen” (youth hostel) and can be found in almost all major cities. In Austria, there are several organisations that operate youth hostels or Jugendherbergen, in addition to purely commercial ones. Youth Hostels in Salzburg are generally of good quality, clean and equipped with the usual facilities that one finds in backpacker places: Kitchens, washing rooms, a bar. Most Jugendherbergen offer breakfast and the ones in Salzburg that we have found are even in generally central locations. Walking to the city centre to the major sightseeing attractions of Salzburg is perfectly feasible from there.

For this article, we thought about doing a detailed review of the youth hostels of Salzburg; after all, young and independently travelling people are the main target audience of this website. However, we decided against that because standards and staff of a youth hostel can change very quickly and there are already plenty of web 2.0 reviewing websites out there. We don′t want to go there and recommend to do a web search on "hostel” and "review” related keywords for further details.

Costs for a dorm bed in a youth hostel in Salzburg range from 15 to 25 Euros. For higher rates you would typically get a two-bed room that offers more comfort than what one would expect from a "hostel”. Note that one or two star hotels are very unusual in Austria; those that you might find could well operate in the same range as two-bed room deals in youth hostels. You can browse hotels in Salzburg here.

The following list of Youth Hostels in Salzburg is not complete. Note that we did not intend to make this article a directory - therefore, we have given only the names and addresses of the places and not the website of the given hostel. Please make the effort of doing a web search on the names or looking them up on a map if you require further details. Where-ever you might end up: We wish you a pleasant stay in Salzburg and hope that this article helped you in making your travel arrangements!

List of (Youth) Hostels in Salzburg

Gästehaus Wolf Dietrich und Thomas Michels
Wolf-Dietrich-Straße 16a
5020 Salzburg

Institut St. Sebastian Jugendgästehaus
Linzer Gasse 41
A-5020 Salzburg

Junge Hotels Aigen - Jugendherberge
Aignerstraße 34
5026 Salzburg

Christkönig Kolleg
Kapitelplatz 2A
A-5020 Salzburg

Jugendherberge Naturfreundehaus Stadtalm
Peter Esterer
Mönchsberg 19c
5020 Salzburg

Erzbischöfliches Priesterseminar
(guest rooms of the priest seminary)
Dreifaltigkeitsgasse 14
Postfach 66A
5024 Salzburg

Johannes Schlößl der Pallottiner
Mönchsberg 24A
5020 Salzburg

UFA Gästehaus Salzburg
Josef-Preis-Allee 18A
5020 Salzburg

Jugendherberge Eduard-Heinrich-Haus -
Eduard-Heinrich-Straße 2
5020 Salzburg

Strawberry Youth Hostel
Strubergasse 1A
5020 Salzburg

Jugendherberge Haunspergstraße
Haunspergstraße 27A
5020 Salzburg

YOHO-Salzburg Internationales Jugendhotel
Paracelsusstraße 9
5020 Salzburg


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