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Have you heard that the Salzburger Saalachtal has little to offer? Then you have heard wrong! In fact, towns such as Weißbach bei Lofer are in one of the most scenic areas that Austria has to offer. The Northern Calciferous Alps are sub-ideal for skiing (this is indeed better further south), but when it comes to hiking, nothing beats the mountain ranges around the Saalachtal. This is where you can find the Hotel Weißbach, a friendly three-star hotel specialised on hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing and mountain biking.

We are a genuine sport hotel: Our established relationship with a mountain bike rental company, mountaineering guides and rock climbing trip organisers make us one of the best "inside tips” for sportive holidays in the Alps. Note that you can rent a lot of sports equipment directly at Hotel Weißbach - such as harnesses for climbing, ropes or other heavy gear that you would not want to bring if you are flying in. There is a workshop at the hotel where you will find the tools and materials to maintain and repair your gear, most importantly mountain bikes.

The friendly staff at the reception comprises mostly of sport enthusiasts who will be able to assist you with making plans on where to go and what to do. Note that a dense network of hiking paths is there to be explored, but not all of them are open for mountain bikers. We at Hotel Weißbach know exactly where you have to go in order to find the most scenic and rewarding routes.

The 45 rooms at Hotel Weißbach are friendly, clean and spacious. They come with a small balcony, a TV set, fridge and bathroom which has a bath tub, a shower and toilet. Breakfast is served in the restaurant area, which also where you can take you dinners. Half-board (breakfast and dinner) as well as breakfast only arrangements are available at Hotel Weißbach. We are looking forward to having you for a sportive holiday!

Contact Hotel Weißbach

Hotel Weißbach bei Lofer
Neureichengasse 55
5020 Salzburg

Tel: +43 (0)662-1234567-8
Fax: +43 (0)662-1234567-9


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