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A sporty welcome to Sport Hotel Salzburg! We are the perfect place for exploring almost every Alpine sport you could possibly think of: Situated within the mountain range of the Northern Calciferous Alps, the surroundings of our hotel offer innumerable hiking paths, mountain bike roads, access to lakes and other grounds ideal for sports.

There is an outdoor centre that collaborates with Sport Hotel Salzburg and offers guided tours for kayaking, mountain biking, sailing, windsurfing or canyoning. Many companies have sent teams or their managerial staff for company retreats. We are experienced in organising team building exercises and competitions in the wilderness of Salzburg. All that combined with the comfort of a modern, friendly, four star hotel.

Sport Hotel Salzburg has 35 double-rooms, a locker room for sport gear, a bicycle safe, a repair facility for your sport gear, a small library at our reception with hiking maps, guide books and sport literature; a bar and a restaurant that is supervised by a dietician who also works for various Austrian national sport teams. There is a fitness facility in the basement and a sauna; a local fitness club offers discount rates to the guests of Sport Hotel Salzburg and their certified training staff is available to you as well. This place is also great for getting a massage.

In terms of swimming and other water sports, note the vicinity to several lakes of the Salzkammergut. Locally, the gorges and rivers in the mountains are ideal for kayaks, rafting and other white water sports. Most of the staff at Sport Hotel Salzburg is also very sportive and we are happy to advise you on inside information: Where to go for which sport - be it at the heart of the scene or off the beaten track. Sport Hotel Salzburg is the best place for a sport vacation all year round; send an enquiry today and we will swiftly come back to you!

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Sport Hotel Salzburg
Neureichengasse 55
5020 Salzburg

Tel: +43 (0)662-1234567-8
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