Bundespolizeidirektion Salzburg

The Bundespolizeidirektion Salzburg is a building in the southern district of Salzburg-Süd (Alpensiedlung) that serves as the headquarters of the police in the state in its various administrative branches. The Salzburg police headquarter was originally in the Altstadt (Old Town). With the rapid increase in population after World War II, the old facilities proved insufficient.

A new facility was needed; the buildings in the Altstadt all dated back to the early 17th century and were converted to be used by Salzburg University after the police moved out. For that purpose, three basement floors were built. The new Bundespolizeidirektion was built until 1985. It is one of the most important developments that Salzburg saw in this area in the 1980ies; note also the Nawi (the facutly of sciences) in nearby Freisaal.

The facility is typical for its days with a large, round piazza in the entrance area and rather friendly office facilities spread out behind. Note that the Bundespolizeidirektion also makes a good entrance point for exploring the southern parts of the Hellbrunner Allee. Schloss Herrnau and the Frohnburg Palace are within easy reach from here.

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