The Christian-Doppler-Gymnasium is a secondary school in Salzburg that was named after the Salzburg physicist Christian Doppler. It is only one of many schools in Salzburg, but features here because it is situated in a very prominent 19th century building right at the shore of the Salzach River, next to the Lehener Brücke. The origins of the school as an institution and the building diverge.

The school as an institution goes back to a facility once situated in the current AVA-Hof on Ferdinand-Hanusch-Platz. After World War II, the space at this building was insufficient for the greatly increased number of students. The building at the Lehener Brücke had been used as army barracks since the late 19th century. A military practice area was there, bt this had closed down a while earlier. From 1945 to 1955, the army barracks were used by the occupying US-troops.

After these troops left the facility, it was not used as barracks anymore. The same year, the school moved into what was meant to be a provisory place. However, a school remained there even after a new building was constructed (the population of Salzburg had increased with the war and the need for more schools continued to grow until well into the 1970ies). In 1960, the school had some 500 students.

Today, the Christian-Doppler-Gymnasium has a reputation for being an IT-savvy school. The neighbourhood in the surroundings of the school is not particularly nice and especially the Ignaz-Harrer-Straße has a reputation for being one of Salzburg′s worst areas.

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