Hellbrunner Brücke (Hellbrunn Bridge)

The Hellbrunner Brücke is a bridge over the Salzach River in the very south of the city of Salzburg. Alongside with the Karolinenbrücke, the Staatsbrücke, the Lehener Brücke and the Autobahnbrücke, it is one of the most important bridges of the city in terms of traffic. The current Hellbrunner Brücke was built in 1971, replacing an older bridge over the Salzach at the same site.

The Hellbrunnerbrücke is the only traffic bridge that links the two shores of the Salzach in the south of the city. On the left side of the river, you find the area of Alpensiedlung / Hellbrunn bordering to Anif, on the right side the municipality Elsbethen. On the left side of the bridge, you will also find the pier for the Salzach cruise boat "Amadeus" (the other one being next to Makartsteg in the city centre).

Architecturally, the Hellbrunner Brücke is not particularly interesting. In 2008, a skateboard fun park was opened on the Hellbrunn side; the city of Salzburg invested some 50.000 Euros into the development, which resulted in half pipes and skate areas of some 750 square metres.

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