Itzling-Nord is probably the weirdest district of Salzburg: It is a very thing, long stretch of land sandwiched between the River Salzach and the municipality Bergheim. It comprises of the Schlachthofsiedlung, a residential area, and another housing region called Hagenauersiedlung.

These areas were developed on land that is more or less attached to the slaughter house and thus functionally a part of Bergheim. Itzling-Nord was recently linked to the local railway network (S-Bahn). This will certainly add to the appeal of the area, which is generally not very well-connected to the central parts of Salzburg.

Most of the houses in Itzling-Nord was built after WWII, especially in the 1950ies and 1960ies (when the slaughter-house was moved to Bergheim). Due to the vicinity to the motorway, the area is not overly attractive; it is also a bit far off the city (at least for a district that is still legally part of Salzburg).

The roads in this neighbourhood were named after various guilds of Salzburg, such as butchers, bakers or locksmiths. Note the similarly strange district Kasern - together with Itzling-Nord, it "embraces" Bergheim.

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