Neptunbrunnen (Fischbrunnen) in Salzburg

The Neptunbrunnen or Fischbrunnen is a fountain in the city centre of Salzburg that was originally situated on the Hagenauerplatz in the Getreidegasse. There is indicated the presence of a fish market. The Hagenauerplatz is the little square right in front of the Mozart Birthplace; the fountain was made specifically for this site. The fish market of Salzburg was here from around the time of the fountain′s erection in 1599 and 1641. Just as the market moved, the fountain was moved with it.

In 1641, the fish market was moved to the square in front of the Thürnitz, army barracks at today′s Griesgasse / Ferdinand-Hanusch-Platz. There both fountain and fish market remained until the Thürnitz was demolished in 1872. Afterwards, fountain and fish market moved to the Furthwängler Park (or rather a little square in front of the Felsenreitschule). The fountain is now still there; the "fish market" is a parking lot (it closed in 1925).

At the Hanusch-Platz, you can still see a "fossil" left from the fish market - a 1920ies shop that sells fish. The Neptunbrunnen was moved for the (so far) last time in 1937, but only a few metres to the site where it still is. It depicts a "green man" or Aquarius holding the coat of arms of the city of Slazburg (an indication that it paid for the well′s maintenance). The fish sold here was typically from the local lakes, the River Salzach or from ponds in Liefering.

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