Roittner Turnhalle: 1925 Sport Venue

The Roittner Turnhalle is a sport venue in the city of Salzburg, more precisely in the district of Schallmoos. It can be found in an area that borders the Neustadt with its late 19th century buildings. The Roittner Turnhalle, however, was built in 1925. In the 1920ies, the neighbourhoods of Itzling and Elisabeth-Vorstadt were focal points of developments, mainly because of the high population density and the many railway labourers there. They were the main clientele of the Social Democrats who lobbied for developments in this area.

The architect of the Roittner Turnhalle was Wunibald Deininger, who was then a local here when it came to architecture in Salzburg. He was also involved in developments in the Elisabeth-Vorstadt, most famously his masterpiece - the Kieselgebäude. The Roittner Turnhalle became a showcase piece for the Salzburger Turnverein, a sport club. It resembles religious building and is one of the most important examples of modern architecture in Salzburg.

Note that there are no real sightseeing attractions nearby, but a very famous brewery and inn just around the corner (for details, please see our article on breweries and beer gardens in Salzburg). If you happen to go there, you might also want to stop by at the Roittner Turnhalle.

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