The Salzburgarena is a cultural and event venue associated with the Messezentrum Salzburg, the exhibition centre of the city. It can be found in the district of Liefering. The claim to fame of the Salzburgarena is its cupola, the biggest wooden dome in western Austria (woo-hoo!). It is constructed in a manner that it does not require any pillars that would potentially impose a limited view on the people in the audience.

The outlay of the Salzburgarena is elliptic. It is about 120 metres long and approximately 90 metres wide. The entire facility occupies approximately 11,000 square metres and provides space for up to 6,700 people. For seating along, that is. Every year, the Salzburgarena welcomes some 100,000 visitors who come to approximately 65 individual events held here. These include TV recordings, concerts, award ceremonies, presentations and large conferences.

Beyond that, the Salzburgarena is a popular sport venue for national and international competitions. Tennis, horseback riding, dancing, football, volleyball and other sport events are held here as long as a large crowd is expected. The Salzburgarena opened in 1996. It is operated independently, but in association with the exhibition centre. It is well-connected to the motorway and public transport in Salzburg.

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