Taxham is a district of Salzburg, to be found in the north-west of the city and north of the airport. Locally, Taxham is generally associated with the Europark shopping mall, other large stores and the way to the Salzburg Stadium and Schloss Klessheim Palace. However, the "real" Taxham beyond this commercial level comprises of 1950ies and 1960ies residential areas. Taxham is one of the youngest districts of Salzburg, it has a population of approximately 6,000.

Almost all of Taxham was opened up for building developments after the Second World War. At that time, many refugees from Eastern Europe arrived in Salzburg and lived under bad circumstances in barracks. Within a few years, entire districts were newly developed from scratch to house the new arrivals, one of them was Taxham. Historically, this area had been agricultural land since Roman times. Governor Josef Klaus gave large tracks of land towards the construction of new settlements in 1954. Similar projects followed, and the gaps between apartment blocks were gradually filled by family homes mainly between 1955 and 1970.

In terms of sightseeing attractions, Taxham has nothing to offer to international tourists. It is a rather boring, middle-class, residential area not particularly well-connected to the city centre. The latter issue was tackled recently, when Taxham was linked to the local railway network (S-Bahn). This was done mainly because of the Stadium and the Europark. The residential areas are generally quaint. There are two modern churches, both built around 1968. The catholic one, designed by Franz Wagner, and a Lutheran one, designed by Eugen Salpius and Hans Laimer.

Both of churches are modern designs and catered the former refugees (of which many were Protestants) and their descendant families. In a similar notion, other facilities were created around the same time: Schools, kindergartens, homes for aged people. In more recent years, Taxham has seen the development of new communal housing projects, such as the Bolaringsiedlung. The social mix of the population was not improved by these measures.

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