The Toscaninihof is a courtyard between the monastery of St. Peter and the Felsenreitschule / Festival Hall in the Old Town of Salzburg. It is known for having a staircase that takes visitors up to the Mönchsberg Hill. This staircase links the ground level of the Toscaninihof with the Edmundsburg. It was named after the architect who designed it in the 1930ies, Clemens Holzmeister.

There is an entrance to the Mönchsberggaragen, the parking lots inside the Mönchsberg hill at the Toscaninihof. Due to the vicinity to the Festival Halls, the courtyard was named after the famous conductor Arturo Toscanini, who was a very influential figure for the Salzburg Festival after his first appearance in Salzburg in 1934.

The Toscaninihof is also the site for a small inn and there is a small statue of a woman in a niche of the Mönchsberg wall. It corresponds with the sphere of Stephan Balkenhol on the Kapitelplatz Square. The two statues are part of the art projects of the Salzburg Foundation, which started in 2002.

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