Unfallkrankenhaus Hospital Salzburg

The Unfallkrankenhaus is one of the biggest hospitals in Salzburg and belongs to the AUVA health insurance, which is dedicated to accidents (the abbreviation stands for Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt or General Accident Insurance). It is situated at the Äußerer Stein and thus at a very central location in Salzburg. It occupies much of the space between the Kapuzinerberg hill and the Salzach; the historic Steingasse curves at the Äußerer Stein and the Baroque and Medieval buildings that continue are sandwiched between the Unfallkrankenhaus and the Kapuzinerberg.

The Unfallkrankenhaus was opened in 1953. Since then, it was almost continuously extended and modernised. The most visible extension or development of the facility was probably the construction of a helicopter landing site on the roof in 1979. If you are lucky and somebody else is not, you can see the helicopter take off or land from the Altstadt city centre (emergency helicopters in Austria are bright yellow).

The most recent wave of renovations was also a very significant one: Between 1998 and 2003 (the 50th anniversary of the Unfallkrankenhaus), some 31 million Euros were invested in an "over-haul" of the building. In 2006, the Unfallkrankenhaus made headlines when a helicopter crashed and fell off the building into the inner courtyard. The reasons were of technical nature; none of the passengers died in the course of this accident.

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