Unipark Nonntal

The Unipark Nonntal is a campus of the University of Salzburg that can be found in the Nonntal district of the city. The building was completed only in 2010, and is one of the most modern - and in our opinion most friendly - university buildings in Austria. It houses institutes for humanities, mainly modern languages.

The construction started in 2008, based on designs of the architects Storch, Ehlers & Partner from Hanover, Germany. The Unipark Nonntal contains an Audi Max, a main lecture theatre, alongside with 17,000 square metres of office space, teaching facilities and a library. It comes with a parking lot that provides space for some 100 cars, as well as an underground parking lot for another 120. The construction of the Unipark Nonntal was done within the framework of a larger project, which aimed to re-design the entire neighbourhood.

The federal republic sponsored the Unipark Nonntal with some 53 million Euros, the city of Salzburg added another 16; however, most of these 16 million Euros went to the sport facilities that were built next to the Unipark as well as the new ARGE Kultur. In addition, there are new apartment buildings that were developed.

New roads were built and the alley along the Berchtoldsvilla was re-modelled. Through this building campaign, the green area of Freisaal is now directly accessible from the Altstadt. The former university buildings in Akademiestraße, which were built as provisory "shelters", were demolished; they are now a green area.

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