Villa Ferch-Erggelet

Villa Ferch-Erggelet is a representative, palatial building at the onset of the Arenbergstraße (the one that links the Äußerer Stein area with the Schloss Arenberg). The villa can be tracked back to the 16th century. However, it was strongly altered in the under the guidance of the builder Georg Laschensky 18th century. At this time, the building was extended. Villa Ferch-Erggelet is considered to be an interesting example of a manufactory from the age of mercantilism, a rather unusual thing for Salzburg.

The site was originally occupied by a building called Haus Neustein, which a man called Christian Zezi purchased in 1783. He hired Laschensky to adapt the building to host a leather manufactory. The palatial appearance of Villa Ferch-Erggelet suggests that it was altered later on, since this is not what one would expect a factory to look like.

However, this assumption is wrong: Laschensky did in fact have in mind to create a manufactory from the beginning, the fašade and outlay of the building is still in its original shape. Villa Ferch-Erggelet is one of rather few examples for Classicist architecture in Salzburg; you can see it best from the Festungsberg hill or Nonnberg hill.

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