Information on Obertauern

This article gives some facts and figures on Obertauern, a municipality in the State of Salzburg, Austria. The first section contains some basic information on population, location and website. In our main article on the community, you will learn more about history, sightseeing attractions and things to do.

For a short overview on why you might want to go there as a tourist, the second part of this article highlights the main things to do and see - in a way, the "main selling points" of the place and its wider area.


Facts & Figures on Obertauern

Since Obertauern is not a municipality, the usual table with quick facts and figures on the community can not be provided.


Things to Do in Obertauern

Skiing, skiing and more skiing - Obertauern is among the busiest and rowdiest ski ressorts of Salzburg. Obertauern is popular with a young and hedonistic crowd and a ghetto of hotels. In summer, there are hiking opportunities. Some hotels have tried to spice their offers with high-end spas and clubs.



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