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This article gives some facts and figures on Ramingstein, a municipality in the State of Salzburg, Austria. The first section contains some basic information on population, location and website. In our main article on the community, you will learn more about history, sightseeing attractions and things to do. For a short overview on why you might want to go there as a tourist, the second part of this article highlights the main things to do and see - in a way, the "main selling points" of the place and its wider area.

Facts & Figures: Ramingstein

Administrative district: Tamsweg (TA)
Total land surface: 94,13 square kilometres
Coordinates: 47 5' N, 13 50' O47.07555555555613.836666666667970
Coordinates: 47 4' 32? N, 13 50' 12? O
Altitude: 970 metres
Total population: 1.253
Population density: 13 residents per square kilometre
Postal area code (ZIP): 5591
Area code (phone): 06475
Municipality identification code: 5 05 06
NUTS-region: AT321
Contact details municipial administration:
Gemeindeverwaltung von Ramingstein
Gemeindeplatz 223
5591 Ramingstein
Official municipial website:

Things to Do in Ramingstein

Ramingstein has a castle to offer (see main article) and the nearby silver mine is another sightseeing attraction; otherwise, it is good for customs and traditions as well as hiking. During winter, there are some very limited skiing facilities available.


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