Bridges of Salzburg

Salzburg is situated by the River Salzach. Several bridges link the two sides of the river; historically, ferry services were similarly important for centuries. Today, there are no ferries left in the city of Salzburg, but the number of bridges is at a historic record level: No less than 12 bridges can be found within the city limits alone. This article aims to give an overview on them. Additional information can be found in the separate articles on individual bridges. The order goes from south to north.

1.) Hellbrunner Brücke: A large bridge characterised by huge amounts of traffic; one of the most important Salzach bridges.

2.) Überfuhrsteg: A pedestrian and cyclist bridge that was opened in 1980; sometimes called Josefiausteg. Links the two residential areas of Josefiau and Aigen.

3.) Karolinenbrücke: Another bridge with very heavy traffic, sometimes called Nonntaler Brücke. Current shape dates back to modernisation measures taken in 2004.

4.) Mozartsteg: Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) pedestrian bride made of cast iron and wood, pedestrian bridge in the Old Town (Altstadt). Featured in "The Sound of Music".

5.) Staatsbrücke: The most important bridge, built during the war partly by Nazi slave labourers. The site of the current Staatsbrücke has been occupied by bridges for centuries.

6.) Makartsteg: Pedestrian bridge that was re-built in 2001. Probably the most interesting Salzach Bridge in terms of architecture.

7.) Müllner Steg: 1958 bridge that was modernised into its current shape in 2000. Pedestrian and cyclist bridge that is great for views on the Old Town (Altstadt).

8.) Eisenbahnbrücke: Once site of an 1859 railway bridge, it was re-built in 2007 to accommodate the development of Salzburg′s local train network (S-Bahn).

9.) Lehener Brücke: Rarely called Erzherzog-Ludwig-Viktor-Brücke; built in 1966, it is one of the busiest bridges, linking to ugly parts of Salzburg (Elisabeth-Vorstadt and Lehen).

10.) Pioniersteg: A pedestrian bridge between Itzling and Lehen.

11.) Traklsteg: A pedestrian bridge named after the poet Georg Trakl; a rather unremarkable building linking Itzling and Lehen.

12.) Autobahnbrücke Nord: Built in 1938 in the process of developing the motorway system, the Autobahnbrücke had to be renewed after floods in 1959.

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