Diakoniezentrum: Hospital, Home for Aged & More

The Diakoniezentrum Salzburg is the framework organisation for various charitable institutions that are operated by the Lutheran Diakoniewerk, a charity. The Austrian headquarters of the Diakoniewerk can be found in Gallneukirchen near Linz, but Salzburg unites several important facilities. By far the most significant of them is the Diakoniezentrum in the district Aigen, where a member of the Visit-Salzburg.net editorial team did his national service (Zivildienst).

The Diakoniezentrum comprises of a rather posh private hospital and a private home for aged people. The exclusive touch of this institution hints towards its purpose: Especially the hospital is a cash-cow for the Diakoniewerk and revenues generated here are invested in less well-funded projects.

The hospital was founded in 1935 and was situated between Imbergstraße and Steingasse until 1994. That year, the hospital was moved to the Diakoniezentrum in a mainly residential area in Aigen, where the brand-new facilities were comprising of a school, the hospital, the previously mentioned home for aged and a church was opened.

The church is used not only by Lutherans, but also by other evangelical groups and communities that do not have their own assembly rooms in Salzburg. In addition to the Diakoniezentrum in Aigen, the organisation operates various day-centres, care facilities for disabled people, health institutions and counselling services for refugees. Note that the Bildungshaus St. Virgil is in walking distance.

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