Aigen is a district of the city of Salzburg, in the southern-most part of the right Salzach shore, stretching towards the base of the Gaisberg mountain. Aigen has a population of approximately 10,000 people, it is one of the most expensive areas of Salzburg and thus Austria. Many wealthy people choose to retire here in the midst of a neighbourhood that has been known for its many villas ever since the 19th century.

Most of the historic villas in Aigen were built between 1850 and the outbreak of World War I. Many high-ranking civil servants or lower nobility moved to Aigen after the district was linked to the railway network and became more accessible. Aigen became a part of Salzburg only in 1939. A second building period happed after World War II; properties are still being developed, especially along the main road that crosses Aigen along the north-south axis. The more recent developments often harmed the appeal of Aigen.

Famous villas of the Imperial period are the Grünbichlhof (1855), Villa Honsig, Villa Erlenburg, and - most importantly - the Villa Walburga, which was inhabited by the family of Baron von Trapp between 1924 and 1938. The "Villa Trapp" is now used as a hotel and highly popular among "Sound of Music" fans; however, the building did not feature in the movie and the owners are not very fond of people who come only for sightseeing.

The historic core of Aigen can be found at Schloss Aigen palace and the Pfarrkirche Aigen. Here you can also access the important recreational area of the Aigen landscape park, which includes stretches of land at the flanks of the Gaisberg mountain. Generally, Aigen draws a mix of rich retired people, nouveau rich and "old money" families of Salzburg that have lived there for a long time and are now often not even among the wealthiest of the inhabitants anymore. Note also the cemetery of Aigen, which includes a small Jewish cemetery. Another sight of the "old" Aigen is the Doktorschlössl or Schloss Radaun in the Glas neighbourhood. South of Aigen, you will find the municipality of Elsbethen.

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