The Engelwirtsbrunnen is a Baroque fountain in Salzburg, it can be found at the end of the Steingasse at Äußerer Stein. Sadly, it is surrounded by parking lots, not a very sensitive move for a fine example of local craftsmanship. It was built by the mason Andreas Götzinger in 1696. Originally, the Engelwirtsbrunnen was erected under the rule of Prince Archbishop Johann Ernst Graf von Thun und Hohenstein. It comprises of a rectangular basin with a metal grid and two heraldic animals: The lion of Salzburg and the unicorn of the Thun von Hohenstein family. The basin is decorated with the coat of arms of the Prince Archbishop.

The Engelwirtsbrunnen was built for the Platzl Square and originally stood directly in front of the old Andräkirche. In 1751, it was moved to the Steingasse area. Now it could be found in front of Steingasse 14, the so-called Engelwirt ("Angel Inn"). This inn can be tracked back to 1469. From 1316 to 1598, the area of the Engelwirt (originally called "Zum Goldenen Engel") was where the main bridge of Salzburg stood (today the Staatsbrücke, to be found about 50 metres downstream).

The Engelwirt closed in the mid-20th century; it was made a cinema, first the "Lichtspieltheater Gloria", later re-named in "Lifka Tonkino" and today the art venue and independent cinema "DAS Kino". This much about the Engelwirt; the fountain in front of the building now became known as the "Engelwirtsbrunnen". However, with the increase in traffic in the second half of the 19th century, the fountain was to be moved once again.

Its new site was to be come the current location: In 1890, it was "blended in" with the Kapuzinerberg and has remained where it was ever since. The Engelwirtsbrunnen was recently renovated and now looks all nice and shiny.

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