Erentrudishof Farm in Morzg

The Erentrudishof is a farm that is operated for the nunnery of Stift Nonnberg. Since 1974, it has used only organic farming practices - back then a rather important and not too common move. The buildings of the Erentrudishof date back to the early 20th century even though farming has been in place here for a long time. The Erentrudishof is situated in the district of Morzg, in the immediate vicinity of the Lasserhof (Gwandhaus). Its location is prominent and rather exposed.

There is an administration building (Meierhof) in association with the farm itself which is listed. The architect in charge was Karl Pirich, he designed the building in the then popular "Heimatstil", a funny blend of Art Nouveau, rustic designs with folkloristic, Austrian elements and modern architecture.

The building was opened in 1910. The Erentrudishof, which is also called Nonnberghof, burnt down in 1972. Following the reconstruction, the management switched to organic farming. Today, the Erentrudishof has a mixed agriculture with chicken, cows and various green crops. The management also operates a shop where the products of the Erentrudishof are sold.

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