Morzg is a district in the south of Salzburg and the name is as funny-looking to German native speakers as it probably is to English ones. It is derived from a Roman villa that was once at the heart of a local settlement and called "Villa Marciago". This villa survived well into the middle ages and was mentioned in a document in 720 A.D.

Morzg extends south of Gneis/Nonntal, north of Hellbrunn, Grödig and Anif, west of the Hellbrunner Allee (which it includes) and east of Leopoldskroner Moos. It is among the most exclusive areas of Salzburg and famous for expensive real estate. Morzg became part of Salzburg only in 1939.

Sightseeing Attractions of Morzg

Tourists usually pass Morzg on their way to the zoo of Salzburg or to the leisure palace of Hellbrunn. Most locals would associate the villas of the historic Morzg with the district; in fact, the "centre of gravity" of Morzg is today the area near the busy and commercial Alpenstraße. Sightseeing attractions comprise mainly of chateaux and small villas, many of which are real "hidden gems" and often unknown even to locals.

These include the palaces of the Hellbrunner Allee: Kayserburg, Lasserhof, Frohnburg, Schloss Emslieb, Schloss Herrnau and Schloss Emsburg. Schloss Freisaal is part of the district Nonntal, the same thing applies to Schloss Neudegg. Other chateaux are the Fischergut, the Weiherhof, the Montforterhof and several other courts and buildings of high officials, nobility or other aristocrats. Noteworthy old farmhouses include the Erentrudishof, the Wagnerhaus or the Davidengut.

Morzg lacks a clear centre as much as clearly outlined borders to neighbouring districts; it is a mix of agricultural land, densely populated areas and hidden corners with historic buildings. Note the parish church (Morzger Pfarrkirche): It marks the historic centre of the village Morzg. For international visitors, Morzg will be rewarding for extended walks of the city centre.

Hidden Treasures of Salzburg

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