The Hans-Donnenberg-Park is a park (surprise) in the district of Nonntal. More specifically, it can be found off Fürstenallee in the outer Nonntal area and forms an effective unit with the Vereinigte Versorgungsanstalten. The park was named after Hans Donnnenberg, a local politician of relatively little significance. He lived between 1901 and 1964.

The park itself is nice and popular among the residents of the Seniorenheim Nonntal, a home for aged people that is situated in the former Vereinigte Versorgungsanstalten building. On the southern edge of the Hans-Donnenberg-Park, you will find one of Salzburg′s most exclusive residential areas, the Thumegger-Bezirk with several 19th century villas. Neighbouring that quarter, you will find a patch of allotment gardens and the Almkanal, still on the surface in this section.

The park houses the greenhouses and the gardening service of the Magistrat, the city administration of Salzburg. There are ponds hugely popular with ducks and nice bays with playgrounds. The Hans-Donnenberg-Park is nothing to shout about, but worthwhile to be considered as a stop-over destination if you fancy walking form the city centre or Nonntal area to the nearby Schloss Leopoldskron. Note that there is a little 19th century military cemetery next to the park (it is called Garnisonsfriedhof).

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