Vereinigte Versorgungsanstalten, Salzburg

The Vereinigte Versorgungsanstalten are a home for aged in the district Riedenburg of Salzburg. It is a palatial building long re-named into Seniorenheim Nonntal (despite of not being in the Nonntal). Due to the palatial architecture and the visibility of the building from the fortress, it is often mistaken as being more significant than it actually is. Many tourists confuse it with the Schloss Leopoldskron.

The Vereinigte Vorsorgungsanstalten (meaning "united care facilities") combined various charitable institutions in Salzburg towards the end of the 19th century. The building was opened in 1896 and provided modern facilities for a range of other institutions that were dissolved at their original sites; many of them were Medieval or Baroque institutions and it is in fact rather remarkable that they were in use that long. These institutions are the Bürgerspital, the Kronhaus in the Griesgasse, the Bruderhaus Hospital and the Erhardspital next to the church St. Erhard.

South of the Vereinigte Versorgungsanstalten you will find an extensive park, the old Hans-Donnnenberg-Park. Historically, the front part of the building had rooms for two people that were meant to be for burghers of the city. In the back side, with a view on the Untersberg, there were rooms for four people with less ample financial means. The third part was the wing facing the fortress, which had dorms for at least eight people, usually of the poor lot. Disturbingly, the first major renovation took place only in the 1970ies. Only then, the communal bathrooms on the corridors were removed and replaced by running water in every room.

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