Summer-spots: Sitting by the Salzach

The river banks of the Salzach are heaven on earth in summer.

When the city centre of Salzburg is dominated by crowds of tourists and the palaces and restaurants are full with international celebrities gathering for the Salzburg Festival, you might develop the desire to step back and relax.

Especially on hot days and warm Midsummer nights, there is nothing more relaxing than getting some cans of beer and sitting by the Salzach River, enjoying good company and the sunset over Salzburg′s spires.

With Salzburg being a university town, you might have guessed already that this is a very popular activity with young locals and students during the summer months. The University of Salzburg is not a campus uni, but spread over all of the city, only arranged in its Faculties.

University Traces in Salzburg

This leaves a mark on the "territories" along the Salzach that are occupied by students from different subjects: Near the modern Makartsteg Bridge, you will likely find punks (yes, there are still proper punks, and yes, of all bourgeois, conservative places in Austria they picked Salzburg to live at) with dogs and beer, but only a bit further North you will probably find art students from the nearby Mozarteum Art University.

Further south, around the Mozartsteg Bridge, things are less arty: humanities, law and divinity students from their respective faculty buildings in the Altstadt tend to gather here. However, as the Science Faculty building is far south in the Hellbrunner Allee, you also might find one ore another science student.

Some of them also like to hang out at the Überfuhrsteg Bridge connecting the districts of Aigen and Herrnau. This is also a popular meeting spot for pupils and local teenagers, especially in the evenings. No matter where you decide to go, bring a good book, good company - and don′t forget the beer!


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