Wasser Wunderwelt Krimml:
"Water Wonder World Krimml"

The waterfalls of Krimml are the highest in Austria.

Water is generally a big deal in Austria - many people are proud of their water as if they had worked for it, which, so some degree, is actually the case: Austria has very strict rules and regulations regarding the protection and use of its immense freshwater resources in the Alps.

In the "Wasser Wunder Welt" in the Pinzgau community Krimml, there is a bit too much ado about water. This theme park in a somewhat hidden corner of the Salzburg province is dedicated to the wonders of water. A "Aqua-Centrum House of Water" explains physical properties of water and physiological facts on how plants transport it.

In the second floor of the "Aqua Centrum" you will have more opportunities to play with "hands on exhibit" toys and learn more about the "Krimmler Wasserfälle" or "Krimml Waterfalls" - the highest waterfalls in Austria. They are the real attraction of the area and the reason why the museum (that′s what the "Water Wonder World" really is) was built in first place. The waterfalls are within the National Park Hohe Tauern.

You can explore them by hiking along a path following the course of all three of the water falls, or you just stay in the Aqua Centrum and observe them from the platform there. Around the building you will find even more waterish things - such as ponds (wo-hoo!) and a water-animated sculpture called "AquaMax".

The Water Wonder World is certainly good fun for kids and a nice and informative supplement to the Krimml waterfalls, so do stop by if you are in the region - and only then.

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