Salzburg Dresses

Dirndl dresses are famous as souvenir from Salzburg.

When we, the editorial team of, looked through the log files for this website, we often found requests for "Salzburg dresses". This term appears to be of particular interest for many of our readers, which puzzled us for a while. Salzburg and dresses? Not the most obvious association, at least not for us Austrians. But since our readers are at the centre of our ambitious little project of making one of the most extensive Salzburg websites, we did some research on the mysterious Salzburg dress. Here is what we found out.

Referring to a Salzburg dress could point at traditional costumes, in German called "Tracht". It comprises of Lederhosen and special jackets and accessories for men; and dirndl dresses with accessories for women. Salzburg is a centre of Tracht manufacturing and the main companies have fashion shows and annual events comparable to a small, rustic, Alpine version of Milan or London. The Tracht has been formalised in the 1920ies, when wealthy aristocrats flocked into Salzburg for the Salzburg Festival during the summer.

Formalisation of Salzburg dresses

Many of them lived in the surrounding villages and saw the festive dresses that women wore there. An artist in Henndorf am Wallersee used the local Sunday costume do design a dress that became a huge success. Today, such dresses are among Salzburg′s best-known local products and considered to be formal wear. You will see women wearing these dresses at the opera or at concerts. Other centres of Tracht in general are the Salzkammergut and Tyrol.

The second solution to the Salzburg dress mystery might be provided by the Lanz of Salzburg company. This is a US design brand that draws inspiration from traditional patterns and clothes from Austria and interprets them in a new way. The company is based in San Francisco and specialises on sleepwear and dresses.

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