Augustiner Abbey & Müllner Bräu Brewery
The most traditional beer garden in Salzburg

The Müllner Bräustübl is Austria's biggest beer garden. Heaven on earth.

After strolling through Salzburg and being overwhelmed by its architectural heritage, the very best thing to do - especially in the summer - is to go to the Müllner Bräu Brewery and sit under the chestnut trees of its beer garden with a "Maß", a litre of beer. It is traditionally self-catered here since 1890, and taken straight from the barrel into a classic Austrian stein mug.

The abbey responsible for this top-attraction of Salzburg is the former Augustinerkloster. It was founded for Augustinian hermits in 1605. In the old abbey buildings you can find a mill ("Mühle") and other parts of the abbey′s facilities, including the former monastic and now parish church Müllner Stadtpfarrkirche.

The brewery part of the building you can find a large gate with stucco decorations by Diego Francesco Carlone from 1710. You will also see two statues, one of St. Augustinus, the other one of St. Benedict. Beyond the arch you can see the coat of arms of Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau between saints.

The Augustiner Brewery Beer Garden in Salzburg

Going to the Müllner Bräu (which is officially called "Augustiner Bräustübl"), you will find a number of beer halls and the beer garden ("Biergarten"), both of which can be very crowded especially in the summers. You will also see arcades like a market square where you can purchase food and snacks, although we strongly advise you to bring your own food - this is explicitly allowed! Furthermore, it is definitely a lot cheaper.

To get your beer - after all the main reason to come - go to a cashier and order a token. You will pay and then you can pick up your stein mug; just act like a local from now on! Go the one of the wells and rinse it (they should be clean already, but it′s fun to do the rinsing) and then queue for the beer that will be taken from the barrel for you.

Very important point: Wait until the foam has settled! Sometimes, if the barrel was fresh, there is up to a third foam which goes into nothing - in that case, the barrel guy will top up your glass, but only if you stood by there all the time to make sure you didn′t drink it! Sometimes, they start arguing in any case.

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