Göriach in Salzburg (Austria).

Göriach is a village in the Lungau area in the south-east of Salzburg. Göriach has a population of approximately 370 and is situated about six kilometres north-west of the regional county town Tamsweg. The distance between Salzburg city and Göriach is approximately 80 kilometres.

The valley in which the municipality lies is called Göriachtal and extends into the Schladminger Tauern mountain range, a popular area for skiing and hiking holidays. Much like the rest of the Lungau area except for Obertauern, Göriach′s tourism industry is rather gentle and developed later than in the Pinzgau or Pongau.

From the Göriachtal valley, you can access several summits that are more than 2,500 metres high. The highest of them is the Hochgolling with 2,862 metres. Other high mountains of Göriach include the Hocheck (approximately 2,640 metres) and the Kasereck (2,740 metres).

The lowest spot of Göriach can be found in the south of the valley and is still some 1,100 metres high. For international tourists, Göriach might be attractive as a destination that offers off-the-beaten-track hiking opportunities. Otherwise, Göriach and its remote valley have relatively little to offer.

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