Lessach im Lungau

Lessach in Salzburg (Austria).

Lessach is a village in the Lungau region of Salzburg, in the south-eastern outskirts of the province. It has a population of approximately 580. Lessach is not to be confused with the Carinthian village Lesach in the Lesachtal. The Salzburg Lessach is a similarly remote village with relatively little appeal for international tourists. Therefore, it will be covered only very briefly.

Lessach offers access to some of the Lungau′s nicer hiking areas. Similar to other communities in the region, tourism took off much later or not at all (in the case of large-scale skiing) than in the Western parts of the Lungau where the influence of the Pongau was stronger.

In Lessach you will find one small drag-lift for skiing in the western part of the municipality. However, this ski lift is used essentially only by locals and will not be sufficient to justify a skiing vacation spent here.

For hiking, things are better, but not different from other villages in the Lungau. Lessach is a nice village, but by no means touristy or a particularly remarkable holiday destination.

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