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The ARGE Kultur in Nonntal is a remain of the 1980ies.

For foreigners, popular culture in Salzburg generally concentrates on touristy things, which might be trashy (Mozartkugel shops and "Sound of Music" references, for example). These usually run in separate lines from the life of the locals. Genuinely local pop culture might be tricky to find, since Salzburg is not fundamentally different from other places when it comes to relevant venues: Multi-screen cinemas, shopping malls, a football stadium, various local sport clubs and their respective fan clubs, and all sorts of events on the border to "traditions and customs".

The latter one, for example, would be non-traditional, but folkloristic music, large tent parties for up to several thousand people (Zeltfeste), similar celebrations in groups of huts that were built in the forests around the city (Waldfeste), dance events, concerts or amateur drama clubs that usually perform light, entertaining pieces in local dialect. There are many local media: Newspapers, TV channels, websites; as well as printing and publishing companies, advertising and PR agencies and political groups that all contribute to local pop culture. For going out, see our article on "nightlife".

Sub-Culture: Against Mainstream in Salzburg

Sub-culture and anti-mainstream cultural events are even more difficult to find. They are often concentrated where students aggregate, of which Salzburg must have some 20,000. Institutes of the university or the dormitories that you find especially south of the city centre (Herrnau and further south) are good starting points for finding out about current events, festivals or social things. Note also the ARGE Kultur, a cultural venue for non-mainstream offerings. See also DAS Kino, the Republic and the RockHouse for movies, lectures and contemporary music.

The Mozarteum (Salzburg′s art school) contributes only marginally to the sub-culture of the area, since it concentrates on classical music studies, which are generally less provocative than other art forms. There are interest groups for minorities such as various kinds of immigrants, homosexuals or religious groups that might participate in the sub-culture sphere.

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