Art & Culture in Salzburg

Salzburg is famous for the Salzburg Festival and particularly for the Jedermann.

Salzburg is famous for various things, but a particularly strong point for coming to Salzburg are its offerings in cultural matters. This concerns primarily music and Baroque architecture, but also fine arts and literature. In this section, we will try to provide an overview on the main attractions of arts and culture, divided into several individual articles:

1.) Music: A quick and dirty overview on main festivals, music venues, and references to concert, opera and other music articles on this website.

2.) Architecture: An short introduction to the periods that have shaped Salzburg; late Middle Ages, Baroque, 19th and late 20th century. References to noteworthy buildings, especially the Baroque ones.

3.) Fine Arts: A guide to the museums and art galleries of Salzburg, as well as some information about the art scene in general. Some references to art in public spaces and exhibition venues.

4.) Literature & Drama: Overview on theatres, lecture venues and how to find out about drama and performing arts. Will be useful to German-speakers mainly, unless you enjoy German for the sound of it (does that happen..?).

5.) Pop & Sub-Culture: Interesting for those who live in Salzburg or want to know more about the real people′s lives there. A non-touristy article with references to other sources of similar information on this website and elsewhere.

6.) Customs & Folk Culture: References to various articles on this topic that can be found on this website as well as general advice for where and how to look for folk culture.

Salzburg Province's Government on Arts and Culture
Salzburg Province and City on Culture

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