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Immediate Surroundings of Salzburg City

Maria Plain is a church of pilgrimage just north of Salzburg.

Salzburg is in the centre of Austria and capital to a very diverse state. This diversity results from its geography: Salzburg reaches from Alpine terrain in the south to a gentle hill landscape with many lakes in the north. Therefore, even the immediate surroundings of the city offer plenty of things to see. The following articles highlight a few nice destinations for mini-outings - trips for a few hours or half a day, maybe a day if you like to stroll and take things easy.


Famous for scenery: Mountains, lakes and picturesque towns, the Lake District of the Salzkammergut is a must-go. ::more

Fuschl & Lake Fuschlsee

The clearest lake of Austria, Lake Fuschlsee is Salzburg′s largest freshwater reservoir. Fuschl is a great base for hiking. ::more

Salzburg Lakes: Salzburger Seenland

The area north of Salzburg comprises of typical ice age landscape and is full with lakes at varying size - this is the Salzburg Lake district. ::more

Schafbergbahn Cog Railway

The famous cog railway of the Schafbergbahn featured in "The Sound of Music" and is popular among locals and tourists alike. ::more

Maria Plain: Church of Pilgrimage

A church of pilgrimage and a Baroque gem in the outskirts of the city. Easily accessible by public bus, Maria Plain is the ideal destination for a quick trip. ::more

Kleßheim Castle

A Baroque castle near the city that now hosts a Casino - see ::more on Kleßheim in the "sights" section!

Liefering Parish Church

A mix of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque art accumulates to this remarkable church North of the city. Easy to get to - by car or public bus. ::more

Glasenbachklamm: Hiking among Fossils

Going by city bus only doesn′t keep you from proper hiking: The Glasenbachklamm Canyon is a beautiful piece of wilderness just outside of the city and a geological adventure. ::more

Hellbrunnerallee Rambling

Stroll where Fräulein Maria danced in "The Sound of Music". There are also some unique sights, find ::more on it in our "sights" section.

Mount Untersberg

The mighty Untersberg was not only one of Hitler′s favourite regions, but also a centre for pagan worship for millennia - today, it′s a top-destination for nature lovers. ::more

Mount Gaisberg

The "balcony of Salzburg" offers a panorama road to the mountain top and some of the best views over the valley. ::more

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