Salzburg in March ("März")

A panorama view of Salzburg in March

Salzburg is nice all around the year - yet every month has its specific attractions. In these "Salzburg around the year" articles, we try to highlight the most important reasons to come to Salzburg in this specific month. March is the third month that we investigate.

Weather in Salzburg in March

March is when springtime comes to Salzburg - at least in some years. It is a rather unpredictable month in terms of the weather: The daily maximum temperature climbs to an average of nine degrees Celsius, the one of the minimum reaches zero. The average day in March has four hours of sunshine and the entire month comes with 11 days of rain or snowfall. March is challenging for the traveller: Check the weather reports before departure to decide how warm or light your clothes should be.

Things to see & do in Salzburg: March

Depending on the year, Easter is either in March or April. Note the Easter Egg store in Judengasse in Salzburg - this is the only time in the year when it is actually appropriate. In terms of things to do and see, the Salzburg Easter Festival takes the lead: It lacks the fame of "the" Salzburg Festival, but among actual experts, it is very highly regarded for its high artistic standards. The Salzburger Osterfestspiele were started by the famous conductor Herbert von Karajan.

Things to do & see in the surroundings: March

Easter is less commercial and more traditional as well as religious than Christmas. This applies in particular to rural Austria. March sees the end of the skiing season, often with big "closing events", and once the tourists have left, traditions become more visible again.

Easter customs are manifold and vary sometimes even among individual valleys. Common are all sorts of symbolism with eggs as representatives of fertility and resurrection. During Easter night, bonfires are lit on mountain tops. Church bells are said to have left for Rome between Green Thursday and the mass in the night before Easter Sunday.

During this time, the minister boys run around with very noisy, wooden instruments called "Ratschen". Even more folkloristic is Palm Sunday, when worshippers attend mass with ceremonial Easter trees ("Palmbuschen"). Plenty of other rituals are performed for Easter - we recommend to check with the tourism council on what is worth seeing in the area you will go to. They will also know which events are appropriate for tourists to attend (eg. not the religious services, but more folkloristic fun events).

Salzburg around the Year

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