Salzburg Ski Rental: Leave your Skis at Home

Salzburg Airport is Austria′s major entrance point for skiing tourists from all over Europe. This has two main reasons: Ski holidays are usually package deals and the airport has plenty of capacities for charter flights into Salzburg; and secondly, more and more people book their ski holidays through low-cost airlines, for which Salzburg is Austria′s major destination. This applies in particular to low-cost airlines that fly to Salzburg from the UK (see also our article on Salzburg flights for details). If you come to Austria for a ski vacation, it is likely that you bring your skis with you. Alas, this is not really necessary!

Carrying skis on a plane can cause additional costs and trouble: Charter flight passengers can declare their skis as bulky items and transport them free of additional charges; but most low-cost airlines have started to charge a fee for every single piece of luggage except for hand luggage. And you won′t be able to take your skis with you. A cheaper alternative (which might even save you the hassle to purchase skis) are ski rental companies. It will probably not surprise you, but Salzburg got plenty of those.

Renting skis has several advantages: Not only does it spare you the hassle with bulky luggage, you can also easily combine a sightseeing vacation in Salzburg (for example, to explore the Christmas Markets) with a day-trip to the mountains and do some skiing. A convenient mean of transportation to get to the Salzburg′s ski areas is the "Snow Shuttle", a subsidised bus that goes from the city of Salzburg to one of the major ski resorts once a day throughout the skiing season.

How & Where to Rent Skis in Salzburg (& for How Much)

If you stay in a mountain hotel (which often offer great package deals), you can get to Salzburg by public busses or trains. In either case, there are several ways to rent skis. The most straight-forward one is to enquire with the help desk at your hotel whether they have a ski rental service.

Most hotels do - even if they don′t have skis available at the hotels itself, essentially all respectable hotels have collaborations with local sport equipment shops. Even small "pensions", hostels and private accommodation will know the local ski rental place. This might be even better than renting your skis at the hotel itself; sports gear shops in Austria usually have specialist staff that will know how to adjust skis according to your specific needs.

Costs for renting skis in Austria vary and depend on the area as well as the season. Generally, expect 20 Euros a day for skis and 10 Euros for ski boots per day; discount rates typically start from day two and build up the longer you rent the ski gear. We hope you found this article useful and wish you a great stay in Austria - and lots of snow during your ski holidays!


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