Anthering bei Salzburg

Anthering in Salzburg (Austria).

Anthering is a village north of the city of Salzburg with approximately 3,500 residents. It is situated in the Flachgau area and like almost all municipalities there, Anthering hugely benefits from its vicinity to Salzburg and has developed into a commuter′s town. Only a few decades ago, the village was still dominated by agriculture. Today, it is linked to the city via a railway with excellent connections that allow you to get from Anthering to Salzburg within about 10 minutes.

Antherings surroundings consist of gentle hills and fertile plains, ideal conditions for a prospering village. The first who noticed this were Romans; later, Baiuvari (Bavarian tribes) founded the first settlement in Anthering in the 6th century. The word Antari means "village eldest", the suffix "-ing" refers to "people of"; the latter can be found in many Salzburg and Upper Austrian villages of Bavarian origin. In terms of sightseeing, Anthering has little to offer.

There are typical features of a Flachgau village, such as a Gothic parish church and a few nice farmhouses. The village is also important as a recreational area for locals from the city, as the Antheringer Au forest offers some nice walks. For international tourists on a budget or in quest for a village experience, Anthering might offer significantly cheaper accommodation than Salzburg in an off-the-beaten-track setting.

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