St. Georgen bei Salzburg

St. Georgen in Salzburg (Austria).

St. Georgen is a village in the north-western most corner of the Salzburg province, more specifically of the Flachgau. "Bei Salzburg" means "at Salzburg", which is nothing but a shameless exaggeration - in fact, St. Georgen is more than 30 kilometres away from the capital.

To make things worse, St. Georgen is not overly well-connected to Salzburg and thus, not like the commuter towns that can be found in the vicinity of the city. St. Georgen is not to be confused with the village of the same name near Lake Attersee.

St. Georgen has a population of approximately 2,800 and is characterised by a combination of agriculture and small and medium manufacturing enterprises. St. Georgen is surrounded by gentle hills, as it is typical for the ice age landscape of the Flachgau. St. Georgen is considered to be part of the Salzburger Seenland (Salzburg Lake District).

It is very unlikely that international visitors will make it to St. Georgen. If you do, you might be on a tour through the northern Flachgau - in this case, note also the monastery of nearby Dorfbeuern and the area in and around Oberndorf with its Silent Night Chapel.


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