Obertrum am See

Obertrum in Salzburg (Austria).

Obertrum is a market town in the Flachgau region of Salzburg with a population of approximately 4,500. It is situated by the three Trumer Seen and is nationally known for the Trumer Bier, the local brewery. The town itself is rather a village and quite a nice one. The brewery is known for its lager and pils beers. In addition to the brewery, Obertrum has a second spiritual centre, the parish church. Obertrum is a typical Flachgau village, more specifically typical for the Salzburger Seenland region.

The name of Obertrum was first mentioned in 1143; it means "at the upper end of the lake" and was also once name of St. Gilgen in the Salzkammergut for similar geographic reasons. Obertrum was originally part of Mattsee and as such, it belonged to the Bishop of Passau in today′s Germany. In 1398, all of Mattsee and its possessions went to the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg.

In terms of sightseeing attractions, Obertrum offers two essential things: Beer and lakes. In addition, there is a theatre and cultural venue in one old building of the brewery. Note also the Heimatmuseum or town museum in the Einlegerhaus building. There is a Puppenwelt museum and nice hiking routes around the lakes and into nearby nature reserves.

Sights of Obertrum & Surroundings

The ultimate landmark of Obertrum is gone: The Kaiserbuche. This tree was planted by Emperor Franz Joseph I in 1868 to commemorate a visit of his ancestor Emperor Joseph II. He had come to Obertrum in 1779 in order to inspect the newly acquired Innviertel. According to legend, he climbed the hill, looked northwards to the new Habsburg lands and said: "A beautiful stretch of land, but stupid people."

Anyway, the Kaiserbuche grew and prospered (so did the Innviertel, despite of its allegedly stupid population - only the Habsburg dynasty was wiped out in 1919). By 2004, the ancient tree was so battered by fungal infections that is broke in a storm.

The people of Obertrum managed to recruit the last emperor′s oldest son, 90-plus year old Otto Habsburg, to plant a new tree right next to the site where the old Kaiserbuche had stood. In early 2008, this new Kaiserbuche was destroyed by (anti-monarchist?) vandals. You can get Trumer beer in many inns in Salzburg and beyond.


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