Plainfeld in Salzburg (Austria).

Plainfeld is a small village in the Flachgau region of Salzburg. It has a population of approximately 2,200. The name of Plainfeld was first mentioned in 1154 in a document on a man called Engelschalk von Pluginveld. It is a typical rural community of the northern Salzburg province and has no major (in fact, not even minor) sightseeing attractions.

The parish church was built in the late 18th century, its tower collapsed in 1800. The community did not become an independent parish until 1891. The Pfarrkirche St. Leonhard is the only main sight of Plainfeld; it was designed by a local builder and painter in 1788, even though the head builder of the Prince Archbishop refused to grant permission due to the insufficient designs. The church incorporates a 12th century chapel that was built by the counts mentioned above. This is pretty much all we have to say about Plainfeld. It is situated in one of the least touristy corners of Salzburg State.

This is somewhat surprising, because Plainfeld can be found in the vicinity of Salzburg (only 12 kilometres away) and is well-connected to the city via a motorway. However, the small size of the community and the lack of attractions right there has to compete with the stunning vistas of the Salzkammergut starting more or less one village further East - or with the facilities of villages even closer to Salzburg City.

Locally, Plainfeld is mainly known for the Salzburgring. Once a Formula-1 racing course, the area was later used for an alternative music festival (FM4 Frequency Festival). Currently, the Salzburgring is not being used for anything, but several proposals for a future use are under debate. Knowing Austria, we can assure you that this can take a while. 

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